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SMS and Text Messaging for Banks and Financial Institutions SMS and Text Messaging Software for Financial Institutions & Banks

Bank & Financial Institutions

Text messaging is used a variety of ways in banks and the financial industry. Some of the industry specific uses for PageGate include:

reminders Error alerts from banking batch processes
media software solutions Overdraft notifications
media software solutions Alerts on rate changes
media software solutions Fraud alerts
media software solutions Exchange rate notifications
media software solutions Notification of stocks falling below or rising above preset values
reminders Statement reminder notifications
reminders Notification of payment received
reminders Reminder of payment due date
reminders Suspicious transaction notifications
reminders Employee communication
reminders Alerts on transactions

PageGate for Banks and Financial Institutions

SMS Gateway

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PageGate Information

PageGate is a modular text messaging gateway. Text messaging can be used a variety of ways by banks and financial companies. PageGate is commonly used in banks to monitor batch transactions and send text messages to the appropriate individual should an anomaly occur. This means the batch process can run unattended. PageGate is flexiblie, modular and scaleable so that it can be scaled to meet the size of bank or financial institution. SMS messages can be sent from workstations on a network, via web pages or from within proprietary banking and financial software applications.

PageGate is agnostic, and can send text messages to anyone, anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Banks and financial institutions can improve the customer experience and customer service by communicating with their customers using text messages. The financial industry is competitive using wireless technology can give banks and financial institutions an advantage and reduce costs.

The benefits of PageGate include:

media software solutions Seamless Integration with Almost Any Bank and Batch Monitoring Software
media software solutions Seamless Integration with Stock Monitoring Software
media software solutions Detailed Real-time Monitoring and Logging
media software solutions Accountability with an Audit Trail
media software solutions Built-in Redundancy and Failover Capabilities
media software solutions Modular and Scaleable for All Size Banks and Financial Institutions
media software solutions Message Prioritization
media software solutions Support for Groups
media software solutions Support for On-Call Groups
media software solutions Support for Pre-Programmed Messages
media software solutions Support for Message Scheduling and Holding
media software solutions Support for a Variety of Communication Protocols
media software solutions Send to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

NotePager Pro for Banks and Financial Institutions

Text Messaging Software

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NotePager Pro Information

NotePager Pro is a standalone desktop software application for sending text messages to cell phones and wireless devices. NotePager Pro can be used to send text messages to customers about rate changes or late payments.

NotePager Pro is agnostic and can send text messages to anyone, anywhere, on any device, at any time.


Banks and financial institutions have a need for wireless communication. NotePager Pro is an easy to use desktop application that allows for easily managing customer communications.

The benefits of NotePager Pro include:

media software solutions Easy to Use
media software solutions Support for Group Messaging
media software solutions Support for Pre-Programmed Messages
media software solutions Support for Repeating Messages
media software solutions Calendar Based Message Scheduling
media software solutions Message Prioritization
media software solutions Send to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

NotePage, Inc. Customers
Sampling of NotePage Customers Using Software in the Financial Industry:

Alliance Bank
Alma Bank
Alpen Capital ME Limited
American Express
Ameriquest Mortgage
Argonne Credit Union
Atlantic Coast Bank
Bain Capital
Bank of Beijing
Bank of Canada
Bank of Cyprus Romania
Bank of England
Bank of Greene County
Bank of Montreal
Barclays Bank Plc
Boston Bank of Commerce
Calnet Business Bank
Canandaigua National Bank
Carlson Capital LP
Carver Federal Savings
CDC Federal Credit Union
Center State Bank
Chase Manhattan Bank
China International Capital Co Ltd
Citizens and Northern Bank
CMB China
Coldwell Banker
Community Bank
Cornell Fingerlakes Credit Union (white paper)
CorporateOne FCU
Darby Bank
Denham Capital
DFCU Financial
Dymon Capital
East Bank Club
Eaton Corporation
Eaton National Bank
ELGA Credit Union
Erie Federal Credit Union
Fairport Savings Bank
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
Farmers State Bank
Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle
Fidelity Integrated Financial Solutions
Financial Technologies
First Bank
First Fed Bank
First Federal Savings
First Florida Home Mortgage
First Magnus Federal Bank
First National Bank
First Penn Bank
Great Northern Bank
Great Western Bank
Guaranty Bank
Gulf International Bank
Hawaii Community FCU
Home Federal Bank
Hyperion Finance Accounting
Illinois National Bank
Income Research and Management
Independent Bankers Bank

Industrial & Commercial Bank of China
KCB Bank Tanzania Ltd
Kennebec Savings Bank
Key Bank & Trust

Keystone Financial
LA Financial Credit Union
Legacy Bank
Leumi Private Bank Switzerland Ltd
Luxor Capital
Mars National Bank
MBD Credit Solutions
Mellon Financial
Middlesex Savings Bank
Morgan Stanley
Mortgage Intelligence
New Century Bank
New Century Mortgage
New Concept Mortgage Inc
Niagara Credit Union
North State Bank
Northern Bank & Trust Company
Norwest Banks
NuUnion Credit Union
Oklahoma Employees Credit Union
Paragon Finance plc
Patriot Bank
Pricewaterhouse Coopers Bangkok
Primerica Financial Services
Provident Savings Bank
PS Bank
Real Estate Mortgage Network
Red Mortgage Capital, Inc.
Regal Bank & Trust
Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust
SAC Capital
Savings Bank of Danbury
Scotiabank Group
Secure Trust Bank
Security Savings Bank
Shell Federal Credit Union
Somerset Trust Company
State Employees CU of New Mexico
State Street Bank & Trust Company
Statewide Mortgage
TBG Financial
Tel-star Mortgage
Texans Credit Union
Texas State Bank (white paper)
The Bank of Canada
The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limit
The First State Bank
The People's Bank of China
Tunisian Qatari Bank
Tyrus Capital
Unionbank of the Philippines
Union Colony Bank
US Bankruptcy Court
Vantage Credit Union
Woori American Bank
Zeal Credit Union

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