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Biddeford Police Department White Paper

Company Name: Biddeford Police Department

Business Description:
Biddeford Police Department is responsible for communications for all public safety issues in the city.

biddeford police department White Paper/Customer Quote: "We have supplied all of our police and communications personnel, all emergency vehicles, department heads and managers, and school administrators with pagers and/or cellphone/pagers. We have tightly integrated the use of pagers into our notifications policies. We used to have paper lists of personnel to notify for specific types of incidents. A dispatcher would be charged with the responsibility of going down the list and calling each person, and logging each notification. Now we just name a pager group after each type of incident and send a message to that group. For instance, sending a message to the group "CopTrain" lets all police officers know about a mandatory training class coming up in the future. Then, at the same time, we schedule a reminder message to go out again two hours before the specified date/time that the class will be held. There are a number of other ways that we use messaging to relay sensitive information to personnel as well."
Sgt. Bruce N. Audie, Biddeford Police Department


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