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Brentwood Fire District White Paper

Company Name: Brentwood Fire District
Address: Brentwood, New York

Business Description:
Brentwood Fire District specializes in Volunteer Fire Protection and Emergency services covering 22.3 square miles of mixes residential and industrial areas.

White Papers: Brentwood Fire District uses NotePager Net as notification of vehicles in or out of service(to the chiefs, mechanics and superintendent). In addition it is used to notify of computer problems to the Network Administrator, and various other notifications. NotePager Net is run on a 100mb Ethernet network covering 5 buildings over Frame Relay.

Customer Quote: "It makes my life easier to have the paging database on the server for maintenance purposes. Before we got your software, I had to maintain the paging database on fifteen different computers, which is a lot when you have fifty something pagers that are constantly changing. It is a great timesaver from the administration side of things. We also use various carriers which all work seamlessly with your software"
Thomas Fink, Brentwood Fire District


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