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Brownsburg Fire Territory White Paper

Company Name: Brownsburg Fire

Business Description:
Covers emergency services for Brownsburg, Indiana

White Papers/ Customer Quote: "We are utilizing the program to communicate with all Firefighters and staff via text messaging. Our old system only had a single modem and no internet paging capabilities. With the new system we are able to provide failsafe paging abilities and increase the speed of sending pages dramatically with the Internet connectivity. After implementing this for interdepartmental communications over a 2 week period on our Intranet we incorporated dispatch through a secured Intranet site. Now we are receiving our incident dispatches through this software and radio communications most of the time before we get into the apparatus. The old system was able to send the page but we would not receive it until we were on the scene or on the way back home. This is mainly due to the previous software sending pages alphabetically and dialing the modem to connect to a different carrier during group pages frequently."
Patrick Carmean, Chief Information Officer
Brownsburg Fire Territory


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