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BTI Canada White Paper

Company Name: BTI Canada

Business Description:
BTI Canada is the agency partner in Canada for Business Travel International (BTI), the world's largest organization of travel management companies. BTI Canada's divisions include a leisure travel service called Travel Escapes, Bravo Meeting Management Solutions and GTS (Government Travel Service). BTI Canada combines its 15 offices in Canada with BTI's network of 3,000 offices in 80 countries to offer solutions that maximize opportunities for global leverage while responding to unique local needs.

White Paper/Customer Quote: "We have used PageGate to notify an attendant when a robotic application reaches critical volumes and requires manual intervention. This allows us the provide 24/7 application coverage on an automated basis. (We do wait for a client of the application to tell us there is a problem) "
Andrea Bordignon, Manager
Creative Technology Solutions, BTI Canada


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