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City of Everett White Paper

Company Name: City of Everett, MA Police Department, Fire Department and 911 Center

Business Description:
Everett is a city in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Everett is located 4 miles north of Boston. Everett has just over 40,000 residents as of the last census data.

city of Everett White Paper/Customer Quote: The city of Everett, MA has deployed the PageGate GUI Client to workstations within their dispatch center for manual messaging of personnel and has configured PageGate to read data from a CAD system to automate certain types of messages.

Implementing PageGate has made the City of Everett, MA's tasks much easier by allowing any dispatcher in the dispatch center to send notifications of any type to any first personnel (police, fire, ems, maintenance). These notifications span a wide range of communication, everything from a BOLO notifications (Be On the Look Out), to details about incidents, notifications of available overtime, shift changes and schedule updates as well as basic communication to maintenance and other administrative level staff.

In addition, the city of Everett has implemented a system in which their second, third and fourth fire alarms are delivered to priority personnel (such as fire captains and chiefs) in addition to the normal dispatches, thereby making administrative oversights or gaps in messaging much easier to avoid.


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