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City of Grapevine Texas White Paper

Company Name: City of Grapevine Texas

Business Description:
City Government.

city of grapevine White Paper: The City of Grapevine uses PageGate in conjunction with Computer Associates Unicenter network monitoring system. This allows them to have a "network operations center" without paying staff to continually watch the console. They use the pager to alert them to any critical situations in their network. PageGate version 4.0 allows for alerts to be prioritized, so that only the hight priority situations generate a page after hours.

PageGate and Unicenter allows them to immediately know about critical situations in their network and hold any routine situations until morning. This allows them to respond quickly when needed, and to make arrangments for other situations before the business day begins without being disturbed in the middle of the night.

city of grapevine Customer Quote: "Pagegate installed quickly without any problems. The Sendpage.exe program intigrated with Unicenter flawlessly and the priority holding feature of the 4.0 version works great. "
John Jennery, IT Manager
City of Grapevine


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