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City of Portland Maine White Paper

Company Name: City of Portland Maine

Business Description:
city government.

White Paper/ Quote: "As the largest city in the state, the City of Portland, Maine found that PageGate was the only product available that fulfilled all of our wireless messaging needs. By installing the PageGate Server on a dedicated machine in City Hall's MIS department, we can now easily make global database changes quickly and efficiently while still remaining transparent and functional to our Emergency Dispatch staff. Among the more helpful features is the ability to create multiple groups of recipients. Now, many of our Fire, Police, EMS, and City Services employees receive their text messages simultaneously on multiple devices. This proved exceptionally effective during a recent windstorm that affected coverage from some wireless carriers. Prior to having the ability to send the same message to different carriers, we were out of business if all our staff relied on a single point of failure."
Lt. Aaron D. Osgood
Portland Fire Dept.


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