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Comcast Communications White Paper

Company Name: Comcast Communications

Business Description:
Founded in 1963, Comcast has grown from a single system cable operation into one of the world's leading communication companies, focused on broadband cable, commerce and content. Comcast Cable is the country's third largest provider of cable services, and is expanding its cable operations to deliver digital services, provide faster Internet service with Comcast @ Home, and develop and deliver innovative programming .

White Paper: Comcast Communications use PageGate to page Contractors and employees who work out in the field. Comcat has a dispatch office that handles calls from customers dealing with cable problems, or equipment problems. Then they are able to page a tech or Management regarding these problems and take corrective action to get them fixed in a timely manner. With Pagegate running on a server it gives everyone the ability to page someone in the directory at any time.

Customer Quote: "This is a great product and we really like it."
Sarah Davis, Comcast Communications


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