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NotePager Pro
Professional paging software

How it helps Plumbers, Electricians & HVAC Technicians:

NotePager Pro can send text messages to multiple employees. Providing information on jobs, directions or outages. NotePager Pro supports multiple messaging devices and carriers. Text messages can be sent from computers to any remote employees.

construction software
construction software
NotePager Pro runs on a stand-alone computer and can send messages to thousands of different devices via hundreds of different wireless service providers. It is loaded with advanced features like group messaging, preprogrammed messages, on-call groups, scheduled messages, and repeating messages.

Paging Gateway

How it helps Construction Companies:

PageGate is a modular messaging gateway that allows for messaging to encompass a number of different aspects in Construction Companies. Messages can be sent from workstations on a network, via web pages or e-mail accounts. This software is modular and can be scaled to meet the size of a Construction Company. PageGate can also be integrated with existing applications to add messaging or paging functionality to existing software.

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construction and communications
PageGate allows for network messaging from any combination of the following modules: web, email, Commandline/ASCII, TAP-in, SNPP, serial and windows workstations. PageGate is a powerful, scalable network gateway for messaging. It supports direct connect, Internet delivery, and modem dial out.

Construction - The following is a small sampling of NotePage customers from the Construction Industry that enjoy the use of NotePage's software

AK Electrical
Airon HVAC & Control
American Cast Iron Pipe Co
Atlanta Journal-Construction
Bineham Construction, Inc.
Bruce's Air Conditioning
Buckeye Plumbing
Building Technology Systems
Cable Constructors
Carillion Construction
Cashman Plumbing
Caterpillar, Inc.
Chuck's Heating & A/C
Construction Resources Management, Inc.
Daniels Building & Construction
David William Electrical Construction
Delta Elevator
Drakes Electric
Elemco Building Controls
Elliot Lewis (whitepaper)
Enforce Electronics
Envirotech Heating and Cooling
Fentress Builders, Inc.
Five Star Refrigeration
Girard Heating & Air Conditioning
Goshen Plumbing & Heating
Halifax Heating & Air Conditioning
H.A.M. Landscaping Inc.
Hangzhou Kobelco Construction Machinery
Harvey Building Products
Home Builders Association
Invensys Building Sys
J&C Plumbing
KD Landscaping
Louis Heinze Building Company
M&M Electric Inc
Marsden Building Maintenance Co.
McKay Contractors
Moon Lake Electric
Mr Rooter Plumbing
One Call Plumbing
Pacific Green Landscape Inc
Pettit Plumbing Company
Pierson Construction Company
Potts Heating and Air Conditioning
Price Plumbing Ltd
Quinn Plumbing & Heating
Radford Electric Department
RKG Lumber
Rising Structures
Roach Plumbing
Security Plumbing, Inc.
Service Plumbers, Inc.
Skiles Electric
Soderlin Plumbing
South Shore Cable Construction
Steinberger Construction
Stockwell Plumbing
Suburban Landscape
Super Service Plumbing
Theriots Heating & Air
Tidwell Construction Company
TNT Landscape
Vector Electric & Controls
Virginia Tech Electric Service
Weaver Heating and Cooling
Werth Electric
Whittaker Construction
Woodbury Construction


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