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Hillsborough County White Paper

Company Name: Hillsborough County New Hampshire


Business Description: Hillsborough County was one of the five original counties created in New Hampshire. The County began to execute its legal authority on March 19, 1771, when approval was received from the King of England. The original jurisdiction of the County included 13 towns that are now in Merrimack County. In 1823, those towns were detached and geographical boundaries of Hillsborough County were defined as they exist today.

White Paper: Hillsborough County is currently using your NotePage's software primarily for the County's Sheriff's Office. Plans are to add other County Offices at a later time. Currently the Sheriffs Office is using this software for interoffice communications as well as emergency paging services for the Sheriff's Dispatch center. Customer Quote: "I anticipate using this software for the County's Computer Information Systems department and maybe other departments as the needs arise."
Chip Roach, Computer Information Sys. Manager Hillsborough County - CIS Department


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