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How Realtors are Using Text Messaging

It is clear that text messaging is a powerful and effective way to bolster workplace communication, and therefore workplace function, across fields. Perhaps less obvious is the potential marketing power texting holds for fields like realty. Realty marketing can be costly, making it ideal to cut marketing costs and increase return on investment. Text messaging, when used right, can do just that.

Automated texting is one way to save real estate agents time and labor. By offering customers a means to text in codes to automatically receive additional information about a listing, such as important details or answers to frequently asked questions, real estate agents could save large amounts of time taking calls or answering emails.

This function may also be performed using QR codes, which are easy to generate, take up little space on advertising, and are almost effortless for customers to use. Real estate agents can provide QR codes on advertisements that, when scanned, can trigger an automated text message to the customer containing important information about the listing.

Offering these features not only saves realtors valuable time issuing redundant information, but it can offer customers a more pleasant, efficient, and easy experience. Text messaging is ever growing as the favored mode of communication, particularly among younger generations. Not only is it the most effective way to engage clients, but clients may be happier for it.

By using texting as a mode of contact with customers, realtors can also develop a collection of contact information for their customers. They can use this information to expand their marketing reach by sending mass texts regarding new listings to customers who may find them interesting. In this way, texting can be not only a tool used in marketing, but the vehicle of marketing itself.

Of course, more conventional applications of texting are also relevant, and important, to realty. As texting rapidly grows in favor, realtors have to become more comfortable with conducting business via SMS, to an extent. Touching base on fairly simple, concise matters, such as confirming appointments or asking basic questions, might best be done with the convenience and speed of SMS.

Text messaging can also be a valuable bridge between realtor and seller, both of whom benefit from more convenient and quick communication for simpler, more concise matters. When working so closely with others, it can be overwhelming and inconvenient to conduct all remote business via phone call or email, especially as text messaging rises in preference as a major mode of communication.

The advent of professional texting carries many benefits, but must, of course, be approached in a measured way. Though we keep growing more comfortable bringing more and more of our lives to SMS, texting still has its limits; some things are simply best reserved for the human voice. Bad news or any conversations that may involve sensitive information, for instance, should be saved for phone calls or in-person meetings.

Texting is increasingly being used not only to bolster communication, but marketing, and realty is no exception. A more convenient future of real estate, for realtors, sellers, and customers alike, lies ahead with the aid of texting.

About the Author -
Sharon Housley is the VP of Marketing for NotePage, Inc. a software company for communication software solutions.


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