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Phone Rules; Contracts for Parents

Owning and using a phone requires a level of responsibility. With this responsibility, however, comes more opportunities to make mistakes, and greater accountability for those mistakes. If your child is receiving their first phone or first smartphone, show them the following set of rules to make sure that they know your role in their use of the phone, understand what appropriate phone etiquette and conduct is, and will use their phones responsibly.

1. Ownership
I am paying for the phone. This means that I own it, and you are allowed to use it.

2. Access
Because it is my phone, I will have access to it. I will always know the password.

3. Responsibility
If you lose it, break it, or otherwise damage it, you are responsible for the damage and will cover any costs.

4. Accountability
Do not text or say anything using your phone that you would not say in person. Never text anything that you would not want your grandmother to read.

5. Safety
Do not text while walking, biking, skateboarding, or driving!

6. Communicate
If someone sends you an inappropriate message or says something inappropriate during a call, let us know right away!

7. Respect
Never say anything using your phone that would make someone else uncomfortable. Never use your phone to harass anyone in any way.

8. Socialize
When you are with others, stay off the phone. Turn it off or put it on silent, and put it away. Try to leave it at home when you know you will not need it while you are out.

9. Courtesy
If someone calls, answer their call and say hello. Never screen calls and ignore messages from me or any other family member.

10. Punishment
Your phone is a privilege, and it may be taken away. We can take it from you as we see fit, and if we do, we will talk with you about why.

Feel free to print or modify the above to suit your families need. You may even with to go a step further and ask your child to sign a copy.

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