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Lynchburg Emergency Communications Center White Paper

Company Name: Lynchburg Emergency Communications Center

Business Description:
The Lynchburg Emergency Communications Center is responsible for answering all 911 emergency calls for the City of Lynchburg, VA. After assessing the emergency we are also responsible for emergency dispatch services for Police, Fire, and EMS.

White Paper/Customer Quote: "Our Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software provider is Open Software Solutions, Inc. (Greensboro, NC). They incorporate a paging module into their CAD package that allows you to define a responding unit's pager number and have that unit paged with the pertinent information from the calltaker screen at the time of dispatch.PageGate is used to negotiate the information that CAD provides in ASCII format to a usable message. Also, it allows us to be able to contact multiple paging products, and to develop groups of people to be paged in certain circumstances.

For example, when a structure fire is confirmed we are responsible for paging the entire Command Staff of the Fire Department....the paging module (using PageGate) allows us to accomplish paging this group in minimal time without ever leaving the CAD calltaker screen. We also page members of the volunteer rescue squad to calls for service simultaneously with our normal dispatch process without any additional work on the dispatcher

YOUR PRODUCT WORKS GREAT!!! We use it on a daily basis and depend on it as it simplifies making critical notifications at times of increased workload on our dispatchers." William Aldrich, Lynchburg Emergency Communications Center


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