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Solution Overview: TrapSnap listens for SNMP traps and then converts them to actions. An actions can be any local application. SNMP traps are often generated when critical business functions are disrupted or compromised (a communication line fails, a server has gone down, the computer room temperature is too high) and TrapSnap can convert these into actions - send an alert via PageGate, perform an automatic repair or just log the outage. Whatever you decide, you're now in control. All traps received can be easily logged (very helpful when your starting out). TrapSnap runs as a system service for Windows 2000/XP/2003. TrapSnap Cam can also be used to transfer web camera images to the local web server. The trigger for this is typically a sensorprobe 'seeing' a door switch open. More than 1 image can be taken for each trigger with a user defined delay between images.

Benefits: TrapSnap with PageGate, turns SNMP traps into support calls easily reducing or even preventing outages. Automatically respond to alarms and control your systems. TrapSnap Cam tracks entries to critical rooms, improving security.

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