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NotePager Pro Upgrade Instructions

NotePager Pro v3 to v5 Upgrade Instructions:

NotePager Pro v3 to v5 Upgrade Instructions:

1. Make sure you have a NotePager Pro v5 registration key
To verify that you have a NotePager Pro Version 5 registration key, please have a look at your registration information. Contained within the registration information is a “Version” field. The Version field will let you know which version of PageGate the registration information is to be used with.

2. Make a backup of the NotePager Pro Database The easiest way to back up NotePgaer Pro is to do this:
2a. Right click on the shortcut for NotePager Pro.
2b. Left click 'Open File Location' or 'Open Containing Folder'
2c. Find the npp.mdb file. NOTE: If you have Windows configured NOT to show you extensions of known file types, the file's name will be 'npp' and its type will be 'Microsoft Access'
2d. Copy this file to a CD, make a copy on a network location, make a copy in a different folder on the current system, the methods of backing up can vary widely.

3. Close NotePager Pro.

4. Download the installation file for NotePager Pro version 5.
4a. When prompted, SAVE the file to a convenient location such as your desktop.

5. Right click on the installation file and select 'Run as Administrator' NOTE: YOU MUST DO THIS. If you try to run the installation normally, the User Accounts Control security feature of your operating system will prevent the program from functioning properly.

6. Click on Next on the first step.

7. Click on Next on the second step.

8. On the third step, review the End User License Agreement, then select "I accept the agreement" and click on Next.

9. Click on Browse on the fourth step.

10. At the top, change C:\Program Files (x86)\NotePager Pro\ to c:\NotePager Pro\

11. Click on OK.

12. Click on Next.

13. Click on Next until the installation finishes.

14. Click on Finish.

15. Right click on the shortcut for NotePager Pro on the desktop and select 'Run as Administrator'

16. When prompted, enter the NotePager Pro version 5 registration key and click on Apply.
16a. Close the Registration section when finished.

System Requirements  
  Memory 32 Mb of Free Memory
  Hard Drive 50 Mb of Free Space
  Connectivity Modem, Cellular Modem or an Internet Connection
 Operating System Windows XP (sp3), 2003, Vista, 7, 2008, 8, 8.1, 2012 and newer versions Microsoft Windows operating system


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