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PageGate Features Include

sms server and messging gateway for networks

PageGate Features and Benefits Include:

Inbound Message Support:

Windows Client Application
Email (SMTP, POP3)
Commandline Executable (16-bit and 32-bit)
Text File (watched files/folders)
TAP (via modem or direct connect)
SNPP (multi-treaded SNPP server)
Touch-Tone (via voicemodem)
Serial (RS232 serial port monitoring)
Database (MS Access compatible)

Outbound Message Support:

TAP (via modem or direct connect)
SNPP (via Internet)
WCTP (HTTP and HTTPS via Internet)
SMTP (email via Internet)
UCP (via modem or direct connect)
GSM-AT (via mobile phone or wireless modem)
Touch-Tone (via voicemodem)
Fax (via faxmodem)
Raw-Serial (via modem or direct connect)
Raw-TCP (over LAN, WAN, or Internet)
Connectivity (up to 16 simultaneous outbound delivery sessions)
Direct (hard-wired) serial RS232 connection
Analog Modem
LAN/WAN Internet (via DSL, Cable, T1, Fiber, Satellite, etc.)
Wireless (mobile phone, wireless modem)

General Features and Benefits Supported By PageGate:

Intelligent queuing/grouping/sessions/ thresholds on all connectors for outbound message delivery
Real-time system monitoring and logging
On-call groups
Message scheduling
Message holding
Recipient groups
Display groups
Multiple failover levels
Automatic/Intelligent message splitting
Centralized administration
Audit logs
Multiple server database synchronization
Message archiving
Delivery/Failure notifications
Message templates

System Requirements  
  Processor 1 Ghz x86 32-bit or 64-bit processor
  Memory 1 Gb of available memory
  Hard Drive 100 Mb of free disk space (for application and database)
  Connectivity /Communications Analog modem for dialup connections, serial cable for direct connections, mobile phone or wireless modem that supports the GSM AT command set for wireless connections, or a dedicated (always on) internet connection.
 Operating System PageGate can run on Windows XP and newer


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