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PageGate IIS7

Instructions to install PageGate on IIS7:

Using IIS7 on MS Vista with PageGate v5

1. Install Internet Information Server

1a. Start -> Control Panel, make sure you are using
1a. Start -> 'Classic View' (on right)
1b. In the Control Panel: Programs and Features -> Turn Windows Features on or off (on right)
1c. In Windows Features: select Internet Information Services
1d. Under Internet Information Services: World Wide Web Services -> Application Development Features -> CGI (select)
1e. Hit 'OK'

2. Setup PageGate's GetWeb Interface
2a. Start -> All Programs -> PageGate -> PG Admin
2b In PG Admin: Interfaces -> GetWeb -> Settings: Web Pages Path: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ CGI Data Path: c:\inetpub\scripts\ (allow it to be created) CGI URL: depends on your webserver, but for testing try: http://localhost/scripts/webgate.exe Enabled (selected)
2c. Hit 'Apply'

3. Configure IIS
3a. Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> IIS Manager
3b. In IIS Manger: (your server) -> Web Sites -> Default Web Site: right-click and select 'Add virtual directory': Alias = 'scripts' Path = 'c:\inetpub\scripts'
3b. With the scripts folder highlighted: select 'Handler Mappings', select 'CGI-exe', select 'Edit Handler Permissions' (on right), check 'Execute'
3c. In the IIS Manager, select the server object (top item in the tree), select 'ISAPI and CGI Restrictions', select 'Add' (on right): Path = 'c:\inetpub\scripts\webgate.exe' Allow extension path to execute = checked

4. Set Permissions on Scripts Folder
4a. Start the Windows File Explore (right-click on start menu, and select 'Explore').
4b. Browse to c:\inetpub\scripts
4c. Right-click on the scripts folder and select 'Properties'
4d. Select the 'Security' tab
4d. Click on 'Edit', then click on 'Add'
4e. Enter 'users' (without the quotes), and hit 'OK'
4f. Highlight the 'Users' entry in the list (may have something in parenthesis after it)
4g. Check the 'Modify' box, and hit 'OK' twice

System Requirements  
  Processor   Pentium 500 mhz or better
  Memory  128 Mb of RAM
(typically 256 Mb total memory for Win 2000, XP, 2003, or 1 Gig for Vista)
  Hard Drive   50 Mb Hard Drive Free (for application & database)
  Connectivity 300 baud or faster modem for dialup connections
serial cable for direct connections or a
dedicated Internet connection
 Operating System   Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista (32 bit)


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