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Upgrade PageGate version 5 to 6

Instructions to Upgrade PageGate from v5 to 6

1) Make a backup copy of the PageGate Database (pagegate.mdb) typically located in c:\PageGateData\Database\

2) Download the latest installation file for PageGate:

3) Stop ALL PageGate programs and services. Make sure absolutely no part of PageGate is running.

4) Run the installation file downloaded in step 2.

5) Select "Install PageGate Server"

6) Unless the program needs to be installed to a location other than c:\Program Files\PageGate\, you can just click on Next until it finishes.

7) Click on Finish.
7a) If it asks you to reboot, please do so.

8) Run the PageGate Admin.

9) Tell it Yes, you do want to update the database.

10) When prompted, enter your version 6 registration key.

11) Once the database has been updated, you can restart the PageGate Admin as well as all of the PageGate Services.

System Requirements  
  Processor   Pentium 500 mhz or better
  Memory  128 Mb of RAM
(typically 256 Mb total memory for Win 2000, XP, 2003, or 1 Gig for Vista)
  Hard Drive   50 Mb Hard Drive Free (for application & database)
  Connectivity 300 baud or faster modem for dialup connections
serial cable for direct connections or a
dedicated Internet connection
 Operating System   Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista (32 bit)


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