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University of Miami White Paper

Company Name: University of Miami Medical Campus

Business Description:
The UM/JMMC C.A.R.E. System, William Lehman Injury Research Center and the Crash Injury Research and Engineering Center (CIREN)in Miami, is located at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center, Ryder Trauma Center.

White Paper/Customer Quote: "The C.A.R.E. System provides customized computer services to the healthcare industry. The PageGate software product is interfaced with our services through a paging server. A custom application allows physicians nurses, and other healthcare personnel to send alphanumeric messages through dumb terminals located all over the hospital. The application resides in the system as part of a menu selection."

"All the users are defined according to user groups such as health care professionals, departments and services, i.e. nurses, transplant and radiology. The application writes a simple .asc file with all the pertinent information extracted form the fields that the user entered and deposits the .asc file in a shared directory located on the paging server."

"For the administrative offices of the departments mentioned above, we have the windows GUI interface that takes advantage of desktop users allowing them to send alphanumeric messages."

"We especially liked the versatility of the PageGate software which allowed us the freedom to customize and configure the PageGate software to fit our needs and our customers' requests. Our center has integrated this product with our critical care applications, sending urgent patient lab information to health care professionals."

" The University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center C.A.R.E. System has had successful and reliable results with the PageGate NotePage product."
Marco Nardi, University of Miami


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