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Vanderburgh County Sheriff White Paper

Company Name: Vanderburgh County Sheriff

Business Description:
emergency services for Vanderburgh County and Evansville

White Paper/ Customer Quote: "Your software was purchased by the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office as part of a group project for the City of Evansville Public Safety Team. That includes the Evansville Police and Fire Dept and our Disptach Center. What we are using Notepage for is this. We have purchased OSSI software for Records, CAD, and Jail. This package included the OSSI interface to PageGate so that our dispatchers can page the Deputies, Officers and Firefighters as well as page Suburban Firefighters on outside paging systems. We own our own paging system so it will page to a Zetron Paging terminal. By using the Notepage software, it will also allow anyone on the network to page a person from their desktop via email."
Angie Selby, Communications Specialist Evansville Police Dept.


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