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Terminal Manufacturer

Solution Overview: Zetron is one of the largest paging terminal manufacturer in the world. Zetron is a manufacturer of award-winning communication systems for control rooms, manufacturers and those who need crtical communications. Zetron terminals are used in factories, hospitals, and telecom carriers all over the world.

Benefits: PageGate can be used as the bridge between the paging terminal and those who wish to send text messages to the paging terminal. PageGate connects to the Zetron terminal using a direct connection or a telephone line. Messages can be sent into PageGate a variety of ways, including a user-friendly desktop application, a web interface, email, commandline, as well as a host of others. Once PageGate receives the message it then passes it to the Zetron terminal to be dispatched to the appropriate device. PageGate will work with any of the Zetron terminals.

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