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NotePager Pro
Professional paging software

How it helps Utility Workers:

NotePager Pro can send text messages to multiple linemen. Notifying of downed wires or power outages. Scheduled messages about appointments can be sent. NotePager Pro supports multiple messaging devices and carriers. Text messages can be sent from computers to utility workers, linemen or cable worker's cell phones and wireless devices, about customer inquiries or problems.

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NotePager Pro runs on a stand-alone computer and can send messages to thousands of different devices via hundreds of different wireless service providers. It is loaded with advanced features like group messaging, pre-programmed messages, on-call groups, scheduled messages, and repeating messages.

Paging Gateway

How it helps Utility Workers / Energy Plants:

PageGate is a modular messaging gateway that allows for messaging to encompass a number of different aspects in a Power Plants. The most common use is for PageGate to be integrated with existing monitoring software, so that if a danger level is detected, staff is immediately notified by wireless devices and mobile phones and can take neccessary precautions.

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PageGate allows for network messaging from any combination of the following modules: web, email, commandline/ascii and windows workstations. Powerful, scalable network gateway for power related messaging. Allows for modem delivery, Internet delivery and direct connect support.

Utilities - The following is a small sampling of NotePage customers from the Utility Industry that enjoy the use of NotePage's software

Alberta Energy
Alliant Energy
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Applied Power Technologies
Big City Electric
Black River Electric
BP Amoco
BP Oil
British Energy
Brunei Shell Petroleum Co SDN BHD
Central Electric Power
Centrica Energy
CITGO Refining
Citizens Energy Group
Cleveland Public Power
Cross Country Energy
Dept of Water Washington
DRS Power & Control Technologies
DTE Energy Company
DUKE Energy
Ecogen Energy
Enbridge Pipelines, Inc.
Energy Northwest
Energy Savings Management Systems
Energy Transfer Company
ENI Petroleum
Enwin Utilities
Eraring Energy
Fiber Utilities
Florida Power
Frontier Oil
Gaz Metropolitan Plus (white paper)
Great Bay Hydro
Great Lakes Energy
Heysham 2 Power Station
Hilcorp Energy Company
Husky Energy
Indeck Energy
Indiana Michigan Power
Jones Oil Company
Johnston Oilfield Equipment
Kain Energy Corp
Knoxville Utilities Board
Kruger Energy
Las Vegas Valley Water District
Lard Oil Company
Manitoba Hydro
Marathon Petroleum Co
Memphis Light Gas & Water
Meridian Energy Limited

Municipal Light and Power
Natural Resources Canada
New York Power Authority
North Carolina Natural Gas
Northern Indiana Public Service
Ocala Electric
Oil Center Reserves
Oil States International
Omaha Public Power District
Ontario Hydro
Ontario Power Generation
Petro-Canada Oil & Gas
Pike Electric (white paper)
Platte River Power Authority
Plug Power
Power Measurement, Inc.
Power-Tek Electrical Services, Inc.
Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority
Questar Gas Company
Radford Electric Department
Ridge Energy
Ridgewood Renewable Power
Rochester Gas & Electric
Rossing Uranium Limited
Sandridge Energy
Saudi Electric Company
Seminole Energy Services
Shell Canada Limited
Shell Chemical
Siemens Energy & Automation
Sinclair Oil Corp
Society of Petroleum Engineers
Solar Turbines, Inc.
Southwest Gas Corporation
Suncor Energy
Sunoco, Inc.
Synergics Energy Services
Thunderhorse Oilfield Services
Tosco Refining
Tuscon Electric Power
US Department of Energy
Virgin Islands Water & Power Auth.
Wagner Century Oil
Water, Gas & Light Commission
WEL Engergy Group Ltd

Utilities and Text Messaging

How Utilities are Using Messaging - Good customer service is adaptable, responding to customers' needs as they develop and change. For this reason, companies across industries are incorporating SMS into their customer service as texting rises as a preferred mode of communication, even across age groups. This holds very true in utilities, where communication with customers is essential.


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