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Text Messaging Software Solutions for Municipalities and Government Agencies

NotePager Pro
Professional paging software

How it helps Municipalities and Government Agencies:

NotePager Pro can send text messages to numerous agencies and departments. Announcing meetings, or messaging on-call officers to report during emergencies. NotePager Pro supports multiple messaging devices and carriers. Text messages can be sent from computers to emergency personnel about routine inquiries or life threatening emergencies.

governement agencies
NotePager Pro runs on a stand-alone computer and can send messages to thousands of different devices via hundreds of different wireless service providers. It is loaded with advanced features like group messaging, pre-programmed messages, on-call groups, scheduled messages, and repeating messages.

Paging Gateway

How it helps Municipalities and Government Agencies:

PageGate is a modular paging gateway that allows for messaging to encompass a number of different aspects in city or town. Messages can be sent from workstations on a network, via web pages or e-mail accounts. This software is modular and can be scaled to meet the size of a city, town or agency. PageGate can also be integrated with existing applications to add messaging or messaging functionality to existing dispatching applications.

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municipality software
PageGate allows for network messaging from any combination of the following modules: web, e-mail, Commandline/ASCII, SNPP, TAP-in, serial and windows workstations. PageGate is a powerful, scalable network gateway for Public Safety Department's messaging. PageGate also supports direct connect to messaging terminals and Internet messaging.

Municipalities - The following is a small sampling of NotePage customers from the Public Safety Industry that enjoy the use of NotePage's software

Anderson County SC
Baltimore County
Cabarrus County
China Meteorological Administration
City of Albquerque
City of Aurora
City of Austin
City of Baltimore
City of Bedford
City of Bethel
City of Boulder
City of Cheyenne
City of Cincinnati
City of Cleveland
City of Dallas, TX
City of Geneva
City of Georgetown
City of Grapevine (white paper)
City of Greenville
City of Hartford
City of Kodiak
City of Lancaster
City of Lawrence
City of Lee's Summit Missouri
City of McKinney
City of Noblesville
City of Norfolk
City of Ottawa
City of Phoenix
City of Portland (white paper)
City of Raleigh
City of Redwood City
City of Sacramento
City of Seattle
City of Sierra Vista
City of Smyrna
City of Toronto
City of Trenton, OH
City of Troy
City of Westlake
City of West Palm Beach
City of Yuma
County of San Diego Flood Control
County of Surry
County of York
Dakota County
Delaware State Lottery
Department of State
Eastern Band of Cherokee
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) (white paper)
FESA (Federal Emergency Service Association)
Georgia Port Authority

Green County 911
Govt of Canada
Hillsborough County (white paper)
Jackson County
Lebanon County EMA
Manly Council
Ministry of Environment
Morgan County EMCD
NYC Housing Authority
New York City Transit
New York State Assembly
Nevada State Legislature
Office of Emergency Preparedness
Ohio State Penitentiary
Oregon Dept of Transportation
Perry County
Pittsylvania County
Putnam County
Salt Lake City
Salt Lake County Sheriff
State of Alaska
State of California
State of Colorado
State of Connecticut
State of Florida
State of Georgia
State of Idaho
State of North Carolina
Staten Island
The Government of Cayman Islands
Town of Brooklyn
Town of Easton (white papers)
Town of Fishers (white paper)
Town of Standish
Township of Neptune
United States Forest Service
United States Postal Service
US Air Force
US Coast Guard
US District Court
US Marshals
US Postal Service
USDA Forest Service
Village of Oak Lawn
Virginia Department of Emergency Mgmt.
Washington County
Washington State
Wayne County Emergency Management
Worcester County
Wyoming County
York County

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