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NotePager Pro
Professional paging software

How it helps Public Safety Professionals:

NotePager Pro can send text messages to multiple firefighters, police officers or EMS professionals about an urgent situation or staffing needs. Announcing meetings, or messaging on-call officers to report during emergencies. NotePager Pro supports multiple messaging devices and carriers. Text messages can be sent from computers to emergency personnel about routine inquiries or life threatening emergencies.

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NotePager Pro runs on a stand-alone computer and can send messages to thousands of different devices via hundreds of different wireless service providers. It is loaded with advanced features like group messaging, preprogrammed messages, on-call groups, scheduled messages, and repeating messages.

Paging Gateway

How it helps Public Safety Officials / Departments:

PageGate is a modular messaging gateway that allows for messaging to encompass a number of different aspects in Police or Fire Departments. Messages can be sent from workstations on a network, via web pages or e-mail accounts. This software is modular and can be scaled to meet the size of a Department. PageGate can also be integrated with existing applications to add messaging functionality to existing dispatching applications.

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PageGate allows for network messaging from any combination of the following modules: web, e-mail, Commandline/ASCII and windows workstations. Powerful, scalable network gateway for Public Safety Department's messaging. Supports delivery through modem, direct connect or the Internet.

Public Safety - The following is a small sampling of NotePage customers from the Public Safety Industry that enjoy the use of NotePage's software

American Medical Response
American Hospice
Arizona State Prison
Baltimore County
Baltimore Police Department
Barnstable Police Department
Berkeley County 911
Biddeford Police (white paper)
Blue Mountain EMS
Blufton Dispatch Center
Brentwood Fire District (white paper)
Brownsburg Fire Territory (white paper)
Cicero Fire District
Coffee Co E911
Community Ambulance Service, Inc.
Dallas Police Department
Dubuque Law Enforcement Consort.
Durham Police Department
Escambia Search & Rescue
Emergency Medical Care
Emergency Operations Center
Fairport Fire Department
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Fitchburg Fire (white paper)
Friendship Ambulance
Ft Lauderdale Police
Fraternal Order of Police
Georgetown Co 911
Geneva County E911
Gloucestor County of Emergency Management
GoldStar EMS
Governors Office of Emergency Services
Habersham County 911
Herkimer County E911
Howard County Sheriffs Department
Illinois State Police
Kittery Police Department
Kodiak Police Department
LasVegas Metro Police Department
Law Enforcement Support Agency
Lewis County 911
Liberty County 911
LifeCare EMS
Lincoln County Emergency Management
Lynchburg Emergency Communications (white paper)
Maine Association of Police
Massapequa Fire District
McMinnville Fire Department
MD Department of State Police
Metro Emergency Management Agency
MIT Police Dept
Minnesota Department of Public Safety
Monroe County 911 (white paper)
Natrona Emergency Management
Naval Academy Fire
New Orleans Police Department
Oconee County 911
OK Dept of Rehab
Office of Emergency Preparedness
Oxford Police Department
Portland Police
Pottstown Police Department
Putnam County 911
Regional Emergency & Critical Care
Rockwall County EMS
Santa Barbara County Flood District
Sedgewick County Emergency Comm.
Singapore Police Force
Siskiyou County Sheriff
St Clair County 911
Stafford Police
Sterling Police Department
Sterling Volunteer Fire Department
Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue
US Air Force
US Coast Guard
US Courts
US District Court
US Marshals
Virginia Department of Emergency Management
Wayland Police Department
Wayne County Emergency Management
West Shore EMS
Wilson County Emergency Communications
YSU Police Department

Please refer to Sending Text Messages for Public Safety and Emergency Management
and Integration Tips and Methods for Public Safety

Public Safety and Text Messaging Educational Articles

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Integration Methods for Public Safety - There are many different ways to integrate PageGate with other programs and hardware and these forms of integration are invaluable to Public Safety and Emergency Management Systems because it allows you to send pages to pagers, SMS to cell phones, Email to email addresses or any combination of the three. It's a fairly easy process but knowing how to integrate with our software is a key step in understanding what's going to be best for your environment.



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